Combined course of GH and steroids

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The best choice of a combined course of growth hormone with steroids for gaining muscle mass will be: boldenone + somatotropin + testosterone enanthate or sustanon. The weekly dose of must is 250-500 mg., as well as boldenone (the weekly dose is 1 g), we put 10 G every other day. If you want to dry out qualitatively, then growth hormone is suitable in combination with winstrol (50 milligrams daily) or oxandrolone (the daily dose is 30-50 mg.). By the link you can find a wide range of Growth Hormone from the best manufacturers.

Many bodybuilders use somatropin during the course of AAC, both during mass collection and during drying. It’s a good idea. With the addition of GR to the AAS course, the overall results are significantly improved. In this case, the optimal time of use will be equal to the course itself, provided that it is longer than 60 days.

It is necessary to take anabolic steroids during a combined course with GR for about two months.

For fat burning

Option #1

The use of such AAS as Winstrol or oxandrolone together with somatotropin can give excellent results during drying. However, the best option, in this case, is to use with thyroxine (T-3). This drug is a synthetic thyroid hormone that significantly enhances the fat-burning effect.

The daily dosage of thyroxine is from 100 to 200 mcg (it is desirable to divide the dosage into three equivalent doses, taking it up to 18 hours for the last time in the evening). And somatropin should be administered daily for 10 units. Thyroxine should be used at the initial stages of the course in a daily dose of 50 mgm (daily dosage should be slightly increased). After 30 days of the course, it is necessary to gradually reduce the dosage (every day, until complete cancellation). Clenbuterol or ephedrine can be used as an alternative to thyroxine.

Option #2

Boldenone + Testosterone Propionate + winstrol + somatropin + pct:

  • Boldenone: 800-900mg per week / 10 weeks
  • Propionate: a smooth background of 100mg every other day / 11 weeks
  • Mill: 50mg every day or every other day / 8 weeks
  • Somatropin: 10Ed every other day / 3 months
  • Gonad: in the middle of the course for 2500ed once every 4 days. Only 3 injections subcutaneously.
  • Proviron: in the middle of the course for 2tb / day for 8 days and at the end of the course for 2tb per day for 10 days.
  • Clomid: 10 days after the last injection of boldenone according to the scheme: 3 days for 3tb, 7 days for 2tb, 14 days for half a tablet.

The first thing to understand is taking tests before using growth hormone, and indeed before any course. By the way, here you can learn how to take tests correctly. Further… Examination of the thyroid, liver and pancreas. If everything is normal, then you can safely take GR.

The second is the dosage and duration. For example, 5-10 days a day or every other day, for 3-4 months – they will not bring harm from the word at all. There will be no over-effect from the use, especially from a solo reception, but in conjunction with steroids, it will undoubtedly give an excellent result such as would not have been without the use of somatropin.

If the goal is to get the most out of the course of GR + AS and get really impressive results, then the dosage of growth hormone will be different (from 20Ed per day) and the duration of the course and general preparation for such a course. This is both costly and tedious for many. Therefore, stick to the dosages that are written above, while observing the diet, training, this will only increase the return on the cycle by 15-20%, which is an excellent result, given that the side effects in this case are minimized or absent altogether.

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