Trenbolone – Description, Benefits and Dosages

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In modern sports pharmacology, trenbolone is one of the most sought-after and purchased drugs. It is a powerful anabolic, which was originally used by veterinarians in building up the weight of cattle, increasing their appetite. When it comes to performance, this product can be called a universal one with the widest spectrum of action. The steroid has been shown to be effective in both gaining muscle mass and eliminating excess fat. This hormone is a strength booster, in the process of taking which the athlete’s endurance performance increases. And the direct weight gain directly depends on the nutrition of the athlete. Go to to see the range of trenbolone.

The history of trenbolone begins in the late 1960s, when it was first synthesized by the pharmaceutical corporation Roussel-UCLAF. At that time, the drug was supplied to the prescription drug market and was used to fight anorexia. Over time, the trend was banned for use in humans, but continued to be used legally in veterinary medicine. The situation remained unchanged until bodybuilders noticed its properties and began taking anabolic drugs to gain mass.

Trenbolone demonstrates high androgenic and anabolic activity, five times the effect of testosterone. The drug is most often found in the form of esters. The most common are acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate.

Advantages of the drug

It is believed that anabolic drugs, which are based on testosterone, are the kings of steroids. However, trend is not inferior to him at all. The drug has firmly taken its place in weightlifting and bodybuilding, he is able to cope with weight gain, increase stamina and strength. Of course, there are some side effects, but a competent post-course therapy and the correct dose of the drug can reduce the negative nuances to zero.

The drug comes in three forms, one of which is more common. The most popular variety is trenbolone acetate, its period of action is the shortest. The ester is retained in fat depots and gradually enters the bloodstream. A rather short half-life makes frequent injections necessary, and it can be inconvenient for beginners.

How to take trenbolone to gain weight?

Although trenbolone courses are usually aimed at gaining muscle mass, the drug is also sometimes used for fat burning. The anabolic has proven itself well both solo and in combination with other steroids.

Usually a course of trena lasts 6-8 weeks. The number and frequency of injections depend on the specific ester, but usually no more than 1-2 injections per week is required. The dosage is also calculated individually, based on the athlete’s goals and their previous experience with sports pharmaceuticals. The average dosage is 300-400 mg.

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